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First Aid at Work



Course Duration: 3 Days

Location: Senate House, Alsager ST7 2EZ

£200 +VAT

Course Price

Course benefits:

It is important to protect employee and those in the workplace with adequate first aid procedures. There are three basic elements to workplace safety that first aid training can improve;

steps to prevent and minimise accidents,

adequate first aid supplies and

proper first aid training.


Accidents may occur and people at work may require immediate attention to save their life or prevent a minor injury from becoming worse. Those who are able to give first aid treatment during an incident or injury, whilst waiting for professional help to arrive can prevent conditions becoming debilitating.


What is the course about:

This course aims to provide participants with the understanding, knowledge and skills to be able to administer first aid in the work place. Individuals will be confident in recognising and treating a wide range of injuries and illnesses, as well as being able to act and think quickly in an emergency situation.

It is a three-day trainer/assessor led course structured with a combination of theoretical and practical learning to fully prepare participants for the concluding practical assessment.





  • Day 1:

  • Role and responsibility of a first aider

  • Assessing an incident

  • Conducting a survey

  • Unresponsive casualty not breathing properly

  • Choking

  • Wounded and bleeding casualties

  • Minor Injuries

  • Wounds, bleeding and bandaging


  • Day 2:

  • Managing a wounded, bleeding casualty

  • Injuries to bones, muscles and joints

  • Head and spinal injuries

  • Chest injuries

  • Minor injuries

  • Eye injuries

  • Poisoning

  • Anaphylaxis

  • Major illnesses


  • Day 3:

  • Major illnesses: asthma and diabetes

  • Fainting

  • Patient positioning practical

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