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Consultancy Services

The Senate Group is a leading UK provider of security consultancy services.


We are a privately owned, independent company delivering a broad portfolio of services to a diverse client base, including the public and private sectors.


In a climate where organizations of all types are increasingly finding themselves impacted by activism and terror attacks, we work with them to assess risk, and mitigate threats, supporting the achievement of business objectives.


Our Security Consultancy team has impressive collective skills, expertise and qualifications and is able to provide support to any organization wishing to ensure that their security measures are effective, relevant and up to date.

For over 24 years, Senate has delivered a wide range of Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Management (BCP) and Disaster Recovery services to a broad portfolio of clients.


 We are uniquely positioned to provide risk management services that will align to corporate operational strategies, ensuring that risks to personnel, operations, customer investment and relationships are mitigated. The Senate Group can deliver any and all levels of crisis management response.


Our team of experts support our customers in ensuring compliance with local, global and industry standards required to maintain a safe work environment for employees, visitors and customers, demonstrating to all stakeholders that their assets are secure

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